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8 super foods for naturally boosting your immunity

8 super foods for naturally boosting your immunity

by AyurvalleyI September 27, 2019
8 super foods for naturally boosting your immunity

Getting the appropriate nutrients is the key to maintaining our health on the top. Ayurveda explains a natural way of life where eating a balanced diet enriched with all the necessary nutrients becomes a basic requirement to stay healthy. Let’s have a quick look at 8 commonly found fruits and nuts which should be included in our daily food for enjoying a strong immune system.


Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are high in Vitamin C, the element which supports different cellular functions to make our immune system active. Some of the common citrus fruits found in India are lemon, orange, sweet lemon (commonly called ‘Musambi’), etc.


Enriched with numerous minerals, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and antioxidants, guava is a fruit which can naturally boost our immunity through protecting cells as well as maintaining optimum health.


Loaded with Vitamin C, Vitamin B, and the mineral Potassium, papaya is a natural immunity booster. Papaya also contains the chemical Papain which can accelerate digestion and high amounts of foliates which will provide nutrition to increase our immunity by maintaining good overall health.


High in Vitamin C, and enzymes which can improve digestion, pineapples will naturally improve our immunity through increasing absorption of nutrients and nourishing cells.

Cashew Nuts

Contains foliates, Vitamin C, Vitamin B and fat which are natural immunity boosters, through providing nourishment and consistently good general health.


Containing Vitamin E along with fat which is essential to absorb Vitamin E, almonds can naturally keep our immune systems active through nourishment. Almonds also help in the muscle build-up.

Pea Nuts

Also known as groundnuts, peanuts are a good source of Vitamin E, fat and protein. Peanuts can naturally boost our immunity by providing cell nourishment and helping to consistently remain healthy.


Popularly called Pista, this nut is the highest source of Vitamin B6, Potassium, and antioxidants, which will naturally protect cells through ensuring the supply of oxygen. High in protein and low in fat, these nuts can help us to keep a healthy weight with lesser fat percentage. Through all these, pistachios will naturally improve and maintain our immunity by providing the right nourishment.


All of these foods are easily available in the market. Fruits mentioned above can be homegrown and can even be made available from our neighbourhoods. Including them in your regular diet can provide all the necessary nutrition to keep us naturally healthy with a robust immune system.




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