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Obesity is termed as a medical condition in which a person’s body fat is more than the optimum levels. This condition could lead to a negative effect on a person’s health. Ayurveda believes that health disorders occur due to imbalance in 3 doshas, namely, Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Obesity or Medarog is a consequence of an aggravation of Kapha dosha that leads to production of toxins in the body. Our doctors and specialists at Ayurvalley have the best treatment solutions to pacify the Kapha dosha in a person’s body. Our nutritionists treat obesity by eliminating certain food from a person’s regular diet plan.


Lack of exercise, mental strain, excessive sugar intake, over-eating, hereditary and various other factors could result in diabetes or Prameha. Imbalance in doshas also leads to 20 different types of Diabetes or Prameha, of which, 4 are due to Vata, 6 result from Pitta and 10 is contributed by Kapha. But Diabetes (Prameha) is mainly a kapha dosha disease. All forms of diabetes not treated to; develop into Madhumeha (Diabetes Melitus). Our specialists at Ayurvalley adopt a holistic approach towards treating diabetes and recommend a solution to treat it by incorporating changes in a person’s lifestyle and dietary patterns.

High Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a type of fat present in small quantities in blood, which forms a part of cell walls, nerves and brain cells and forms an important part in human body. It is produced by liver and is responsible in building cell membranes, synthesizing vitamin D, hormones, and bile acids. Our treatments at Ayurvalley is focussed on providing Ayurvedic solutions that help in eliminating toxins along with dietary and lifestyle changes.